Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saying Good bye to the girls Part 3

After thanking our lovely waiters and waitresses at the restaurant (who I am sure had just as much fun as we did), we loaded up in the back of the truck again to head to the park.
Me and Margarita - it was so cold!

Heather and Mimi - Heather is taking on the girl's dorm now.
She is doing a fantastic job, and is such an answer to prayer. God has truly equipped her for this next season in the girl's dorm! I am so glad we have had 2 months to become friends before I go. I will miss her!

Here's the girl's in the back of the truck. They sang the whole time! 

We went to this park to play for 20 minutes. Since we were already out we thought we would not waist the opportunity! They had a great time swinging and running around.

We ended our outing with a few groups photos. 
Missionaries in the photo below include (L to R) Betty, Rachel, Anna, and Heather
It was getting late as we were heading back, and it takes about an hour to get back to the center. We called the center to ask them to save supper for the girls. Apparently they had already eaten, and given out extra large portions to the boys since the girls weren't back yet! I called Larry, who works in the kitchen, and he said to buy bread and he had peanut butter. So in the dark we pulled off the road and bought 30 loaves of bread from a sweet lady. It must have made her day! The end of the day and wanting to head home and she was able to sell ALL the bread she had left! When we arrived at the center Rachel, Heather, and I cut the loaves in half, spread peanut butter and jam inside, and served the girls a late dinner after they took their showers. They were still singing and so happy when we went in to serve them their sandwiches. 

It was a great day none of us will ever forget! This was a gift from God. 

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