Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saying Good bye to the girls Part 1

I will be leaving Mozambique in 1 week from today (on April 29th). It's going so fast. God is giving me some precious time with the girls and tias and missionaries. I feel so undeserving and overwhelmed of all the special conversations and quality time I have been getting.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we took almost all of the girls and tias out to eat at a restaurant in the city called "Mimmo's". I was given a donation to do something special with the girls. Rachel and Heather took the money and organized the event, including arranging with the restaurant to do this. 

We loaded up in the big flat bed truck and headed off. The girls were so excited and sang the whole time in the truck. When we arrived they formed a line to walk into the restaurant. The waiters and waitresses had set up the tables in a long row, and all we all sat down. They came to serve us drinks, followed by plates of half chicken, french fries and rice. There were 55 of us in all! 
I really felt like this time was such a family time. All the girls getting to go out on a trip *together*. All the missionaries who work in the girl's dorm, and half the tias, and all the girls. It was so special! What a treat.
(above) Lucinda waiting patiently for her chicken to arrive.

(above) Fatima enjoying her coca-cola.
(This was Fatima's very first time to eat at a restaurant. AND she got to taste ketchup for the first time too! Her face lit up when she tasted it, and then she soaked her french fries with it.)

(below) The girls all got to try out knives and forks. 
Normally they eat with their fingers, or a spoon. They loved the opportunity to cut their chicken with a knife and eat their french fries with a fork. 
Serina getting the hang of her knife:
(below) Rute (Ruthy) gave up on the fork and found it much more enjoyable to revert back to using her fingers. And she sucked every last bit of meat off her chicken bones!:

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