Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Name sake!!

I have come to know a young couple here, Julio and Marcelina. They have a little 4 year old daughter named Angelica. A month ago Marcelina gave birth to their second daughter. 
One day Julio came to see me, he said he had something to ask me. He then shared the news that his wife had just had their baby, and they would like to name her "Anna", after me. He wanted to know if that would be alright with me?

What an honor! Here it is a big thing people do, to name their child after someone who means allot to them. It is a very special honor, and I am so thrilled.

Today I got to see baby Anna for the first time. She is so cute!

I am leaving Mozambique in 2 1/2 weeks, and feel so touched to be leaving behind Little Anna Two. My very own Name's sake!

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erin said... anna sweet. but 2 wks more???? no!!!