Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baking a cake...Mozambican style!!

We recently bought a real oven and stove for the girl's Saturday cooking day.
Every Saturday the girls make dinner for the whole girl's dorm. They choose the menu, head to the market for the ingredients, and return to spend the afternoon cutting, peeling, and preparing meal for 55 or so people! 

With an oven, the girls can learn to make cakes and cookies and things. And who knows, maybe one of our girls will love it, and become a chef or baker?! And if not, they will at least be well equipped to look after their own families one day...

Tia Marlita spent an afternoon with six of the girls, teaching them the fine art of baking a cake.

They had so much fun!! It is so lovely to have the girls together in the kitchen, laughing and having fun, learning and experiencing, making memories and creating futures. 

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