Saturday, July 26, 2008


After having a nice evening with 5 friends watching Anne of Green Gables (yes, that is a must-bring-with-you-on-the-mission-field movie!), we thought we heard a mouse. So when there were just 3 of us left we went on a search, and after shaking a little metal shelf where I keep my food, a mouse came scurrying out!! AHHH!!! The 3 of us all let out a scream and ran out of my house.


and I HATE mice. I don't know how I will sleep tonight. Lord help me! Make that horrible little mouse die.

P.s. Oh, and this is Post 100. Not exactly what I had planned for a 100th post, but I don't have anything more exciting at the moment. I am just hoping I can get to sleep before he starts making his rounds again. I have my bedroom door shut with a piece of foam stuffed under it to keep him away from me. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I HATE mice!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

99th Post and 15 days...

(Sometimes this is what clothing swap day looks like... )
This is my 99th post!! That is pretty cool...

Well, I haven't been updating for awhile. But I thought I would let you all know what I am up to these days. 

Last week on Monday and Tuesday we did a children's conference in a near by village called Maracuene. We had about 150 children the first day, and 200 the second. We kept the format from the children's conference we did in 2007 at the center. Day one we teach on Jesus' death and resurrection, and Salvation. Day 2 we teach on the Holy Spirit, and Hearing God's Voice. The kids love it and God really captivates their hearts, praise the Lord!

This week we are going to another village, about 45 minutes away called Babole. We will do 2 mornings of children's conference. I am not sure how many children will show up. Pray God brings in a harvest into His Kingdom! How awesome to have the opportunity to introduce these kids meet Jesus, and what a difference they will make! 

Monday of this week we had a big games day for all the children at the center. Out of about 350 children living here, about 100 of them have relatives or family they can visit. So now we are on 2 weeks of school holidays, and those children with family have gone home. We had a fun filled day for the rest of the kids, to help them enjoy the only home and family they know--each other and us! They kids had so much fun, walking in groups with their dorm to each station. We had egg and spoon relays, water balloon toss, sack races, wheel barrow races, 3-legged races, a game where you crawl and push a marshmallow along the ground to the finish line, and a game where you had cups and you had to fill them with water, by carrying the water in a spoon across to where the cups were set up. In the end we gave out prizes to all the winners in the church, and special prizes for each dorm for the one child in that dorm that had the best attitude. And all the children got oranges for participating.

I am forever shocked at how cheap some things are here in Mozambique. For example, I bought 300 oranges last week at the market, and it cost me only 13 dollars and 40 cents! 

I will be going home in 2 weeks, and I am so excited. Inbetween children's conference and daily routine activities, I am trying to wrap up a few things that need doing before I go. Today I made 15 pureed meals to put in the freezer for one of the girls who has a special pureed diet. I will make 15 more over the weekend. Also updating lists and files in the girls dorm, sorting out new mattresses and blankets for all the girls, cleaning my house for the missionary who will stay here when I leave, and packing! I can't wait to see my family. I have been talking to them on the phone and e-mailing, but there is NOTHING like family, and to be with them for real is so wonderful. And I will be home for the FAIR this year! And my brother's wedding, and the wedding of 2 friends! Good timing, eh?!
Praise God He has sent Rachel, a sweet missionary my age from California. She will stay in my house and help Ellie look after the girls. I know everything is in God's hands and it will all be great. It's nice to go away and not have to worry about leaving things behind. It's all God's doing, and I am just the vessel He has chosen to do through for such a time as this!

Well, I will get to bed now. Hopefully I will have a Post #100 before I go home!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A trip to the zoo!!

Checking out the monkeys

            15 little girls visiting the zoo!

               Ooh, that crocodile is close! Don't stick your fingers in the cage, girls!

Snack time

On Tuesday afternoon me, Tia Inez, and our newest missionary, Rachel (she is my age!) loaded up 15 little girls in the flat bed truck, and drove to the zoo. Yes, Maputo has a zoo. A very run down zoo, that had exactly 4 different types of animals. A hippo that would hang its head over the fence for people to pet him (stand back girls, if you value your hands), lots of crocodiles, some monkeys, and a little snake. And an animal graveyard, where the lion went years ago. The big snake, and the gorilla that did tricks were moved to South Africa, so they were not there. And there were many, many empty cages, that once held all sorts of fun animals! 
I think it was worth every bit of the one metical (that is about 4 cents) it cost per person!:o)
The girls had such a great afternoon, seeing the animals, eating tangerines and peanut butter on crackers, playing on the broken down play ground (well, the slide and monkey bars were still standing. The swings and everything else was falling down). They talked all about the trip on the way home, and some slept from their exciting and exhausting afternoon at the zoo!