Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saying good bye with the girls Part 2

Rachel made this cake "Thank-you Mana Anna" for us. The waitresses at the restaurant stuck a sparkler in it and came out to present it to me:

Then the tias started dancing and singing, and all the girls joined in chorus. Even the waiters and waitresses were dancing! They made it so much fun! They were singing a song in Shanghaan that says "You are going, go with Jesus". It was so beautiful, it made me tear up. I got up and danced with them:o)

Then Tia Julieta and I cut the cake like they do at weddings, and fed each other a bite. After this the girls cheered. A few of the girls stood up to say, "Thank you mana Anna for taking care of us for three years."  Then we served cake for everyone (including our friendly waiters and waitresses).

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Anonymous said...

Anna, I have gained so much from your journal. Again, thank you for all that you have done for all the girls, and for spreading the Lord's love.
Ellen (your mother's cousin)