Thursday, January 29, 2009

Learning Math

I have been very inspired by reading Renee's website: .
She is a homeschooling mom of 13, and one neat lady! Her latest activity for math involved beads and pipe cleaners. I adapted it to do this math activity with the little girls.

"Choose 5 beads of one color and put them on your pipe cleaner."

"Like this?? Look Mana Anna, I did it!"

"Great! Let's count them. Um, dois, tres, quatro, cinco.
Okay, let's choose 5 beads of another color. Good, let's count them again. Ten!"

"Now you have five orange beads. You give two beads to Eliza. How many do you have left?"


"Let's make a pattern. Take all your beads off, and let's put them back in a pattern."

"Look at this Mana Anna! I already know how to do this."

Even little Rosa, age 2, is learning. She concentrated very hard, and did a great job!

"Let's count them again."

"Um, dois, tres, quatro, cinco, ses, seite, oito, nove, dez! 
We have 10 beads! Look, mine is pretty."

"Wow, you girls are so smart! And they are all very pretty!"

I love to do "homeschool" activities with the girls. I started doing geography classes once a week with the older girls. Next week I will take some photos and show you what they are learning. Thanks for stopping by!


Julie Sanchez said...

What an awesome blog/website! Do you have any other blogs that you follow that are similar? I really enjoy homeschooling blogs as well as blogs of large families. Thanks for suggesting this one!

Leo Clarke said...

That's such a cool idea, much more fun than a boring abacus (abakus, abbacous...?). Is that Heléna bottom right on the last pic? She is amazing!

annacoumos said...

Yes that is Helena, good guess!