Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Baking Day

I met some fellow Ohio'ens here in Mozambique a year and a half ago. They are missionaries who live about 2 hours from me. Last year (2007) they invited me over to make Christmas cookies, and the day arrived with me sick in bed, vomiting, weak with malaria. So this year (2008) we tried again, and had a great time! They picked me up the week of Christmas on Monday evening. I spent the night and we spent all day Tuesday making and baking allot of Christmas cookies. They brought me home late Tuesday night. We had so much fun!

Abby (age 8) made this cute snow man cookie.

Marcia (age 19), Angie (mom) and one of the boys who lives with them
as part of their ministry. Not shown is Abby (age 8) and Leah (age 2), as well as Abel and Carlos, the other 2 boys living with them.

Lots of fancy Christmas cookies!
(I will say it is not quite the same, baking Christmas cookies when it is 100 degrees, but hey! At least we had Christmas music on and fans blowing on us!)

These are the cookies I decorated. And no, that checkered one does NOT have a bite taken out of it. It looks like it though! It was stuck to another cookie.
I shared the cookies I made with the missionaries here, as well as the tias in the girl's dorm.

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