Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am in America!

Hi friends and family!
I want to let you know that I am home. For some reason I cannot make normal posts, or add pictures from blogger with my parents computer (my computer is not online here). So here is a quicky...!

I am doing great. we had a good week at the fair. My sister Andrea had the grand champion market duck! Cara, Christina, Joel, and Sam also did good with their ducks and rabbits. It was a tiring week of sleeping in the camper and walking around (and drinking TEX'S Lemonade and eat cheese sticks...).

Now we are on to showers and preparations for my brother Daniel's wedding!

My siblings have started school so they are busy with mom all morning. It's fun listening in on their school work. We went to the Akron zoo for a field trip last week--my, but there are allot of animals at these zoos we have in America! The last zoo I was at had monkeys, crocodiles, a hippo you could pet, and a snake. Yep, that's all! The Akron zoo had lots of animals, including a tiger that came right up to the glass where my sister was trying to take a picture, and started licking the glass on the other side of her! It was so funny. And the lions were pacing back and forth, trying to devise a scheme to get out of there, I am sure! The new jelly fish exhibit was awesome!

Check out thehomespunheart.blogspot.com to see the shoe box SWAP I did with Monica. I can't post pictures on here so head over there to see! It was really fun, thank you Monica! I was very blessed by what you sent me.

I am enjoying my family, and missing Mozambique. God is teaching me allot.
Bless you all!

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thehomespunheart said...

Fun to read your update, Anna! So glad you enjoyed your box! :)