Monday, September 15, 2008

The Akron Zoo

Welcome to the Akron Zoo!
Come along for a tour with me...

A leopard waking up from a nap:
(doesn't he look cuddly and cute?!)

Oh look, the new jelly fish display!!

Look at those tentacles!

This tiger was licking the glass. I think my sister was looking tasty to him...

I had to show you these pretty little pink and yellow flowers.
We have these in Africa, too! And the girls like to pick them and bring them to me as a tiny bouquet:-)

Okay, I will stop posting for today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


erin said...

i LOVED seeing all your pics from home and the fun you're having....but we are MISSING YOU here! can't wait for you to come back to MZB...of course I know you are enjoying the rest, fair, weddings, and family time! prayers your way sweet anna!

Cara said...

Cool! I took most of these pictures actually! I love the jelly fish one!

Cara said...

OOps, I meant I took all the zoo pics.