Saturday, May 17, 2008

Outreach to Manhiça on 16 May, 2008

Dad, Cara, and I went to Manhiça with 2 missionaries and a Mozambican Pastor, as well as a few others, to show "The Jesus Film". This time, the projector worked the whole time, and about 300 people made their way through the village and the brush, to come watch. It was great, and afterwards about 50 people came forward for the alter call. Very exciting!
Happy women and children after the movie finished.
Anna and Cara helping cook over the fire (we made beans and rice, a fish stew, and sheema, which is like a very stiff unflavored porridge that they pour the stew or beans over).
The men sat at this table. They had brought it out from one of the houses in the village, and set it with a table cloth, bowls, and spoons!
The women and children sat on grass mats on the ground. It was a wonderful time to
fellowship and make new friends with the Mozambicans in this village!

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