Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cara enjoying the babies in the baby house (holding our newest baby, Antonio).

Francisco in the baby house.

Isabel and Tania watering the garden. We replanted the girl's garden on Tuesday afternoon.
We haven't planted more veggies yet (at the moment just green beans are growing), but we landscaped the entrance to the garden with some pretty new plants. The little girls love to help out in the garden!

Left to Right: Cara, Sifa's husband, Sifa, Anna, and Dad
We visited this Pastor and his wife on Wednesday morning. They have a children's center 20 minutes from here. They have 30 little boys living with them, and 600 children attending their school. Sifa and her husband are from the Congo. They were going to be missionaries in Madagascar, but ended up in Mozambique. They are a lovely couple, and have a nice center.

A Mozambican community garden. These are across the street from where I live. Many little plots of land that the people cultivate and use the veggies for their families and for selling.
Our garden project is to teach the girls how to tend to their own garden one day!

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Megan said...

Oh Anna, I just got caught up on all your blog posts. There were quite a few... I think you post more when family is there! We'll have to make sure to visit you more often! ;) It is so nice to see both you & Cara! Oh, and Uncle Greg, of course! I love you all so much! Give each other hugs for me!!