Friday, April 18, 2008


Paulo was found tied up in a plastic bag behind a building about 2 years ago. He was found by a man who runs a children's center down the road. He came here the end of 2006, and moved into the girl's dorm for extra care. Tonight Nancy, my dear friend and sister in Christ who is a missionary here, was doing milk in the girl's dorm. I was sitting with her and playing with Paulo. He is so happy! He can sit up now, and use his right hand to turn himself completely around in a circle. He can hold himself up on his feet when he is leaning against a bed. He makes lots of baby talking now. He smiles the most delightful smile (and when he's especially happy he squints his eyes too. It's so cute!:-). Tonight he was drooling and he took he lifted his shirt to his face and wiped the drool. I wanted to cry, I was so surprised! I've never seen him do that before! He is learning to eat on his on (though he hates to, because he LOVES food and can't eat fast enough. It takes too much time having to do it yourself). 
Paulo is a miracle! He was left to die in a plastic bag. God, our awesome Father, didn't leave him to die! He picked him up and gave him new life! And he is doing so well! It is such an incredible joy to see Paulo's smiling face every day. And it is a privilege to watch God do miracle after miracle day after day. Our God is an awesome God!



Sarah said...

Anna, this story made me cry. What a precious miracle Paulo is! Thanks for sharing it.


Laura said...

It made me cry too! And made me laugh as well, especially when I thought "Domingos could teach him how to eat fast - it's simple, just stick your face in it! You're doing a fantastic job Anna!

New Mom said...

What a sweet story!