Thursday, April 10, 2008

...because a thankful heart is a happy heart...

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Today's discipleship group was the girls ages 5-10. We showed the Veggie Tales film of "Madame Blueberry"... in Portuguese! It was so funny to watch "Love songs with Mr. Lunt" singing about his beloved cheeseburger, in Portuguese LOL. I am sure the little ladies did not get a word of his little song of his cheeseburger that he "Ama muito" (loves so much!).
When the movie finished, our Koala and panda bear puppet friends (named Salt and Pepper) came for a visit, and for the girls to share with them what they learned about. They told them all things they are thankful for, and drew pictures of the things they wanted to say thank you to Jesus for (clothes to wear, food to eat, a spoon to eat food with, "Mana Anna because she loves me"... awww...).

I certainly have allot to thank God for! Here are a few:

My cozy sanctuary with the Lord! It's my favorite colors (lavender, yellow, and green), and so relaxing. I have a big wicker chair I bought when I first came here. It's where I sit when I wake up in the morning, and talk to God and read my bible. It's where I came in the middle of a busy day, to take 10 minutes of stress relief with the Lord. It's where I come at the end of the day to rest. It's so peaceful! I love my room:-)

49 girls ages 5-18. I love living in Mozambique, and I LOVE mothering all these sweet girls! It is such a privilege to be here, and to give life and love and God's healing to these girls, who would otherwise be in many different and terrible situations. God brings the lonely into families, he lifts the poor from the dust, and he sets them with princes in heavenly places!

The girl's kitchen. Every Saturday morning one of the dorm mothers takes about 5 girls, and walks to the market down the road with a list of ingredients they will need to buy. They give the money to the girls to work out how much things cost, and how much change they should receive. Then they come home, and we cook! The girls are mastering make rice, and several yummy Mozambican toppings. It took a long time to get this kitchen in place. But God has really used it to be a blessing, and to bring the girls into more of a family here. It's so good for the dorm mothers to teach the younger ones how to cook, so they can care for their own families one day!

Every day miracles! I get to watch kids and babies come in starving and sick and neglected and hopeless and abandoned and orphaned and dying...and they blossom into healthy, chubby, wanted, hopeful, happy children full of God's love! And sometimes a sick child is brought here, and doesn't get better physically. But we get to give them the best of life for their last days. And love them straight into the arms of Jesus!
And last...drum roll please...

Yes, that's right! From the way they talked, I thought they wouldn't come until I returned from my visit home sometime in October. They surprised me while I was in South Africa, and bought tickets to come!
I am sooo excited you are coming, Dad and Cara! I can't wait to give you big hugs, and show you what I do, and spend time with you. I am looking forward to lots of "girl talk" Lol:-)
They will be here May 9th-May 20th. I can hardly wait!

Thank you Jesus for blessing me and giving me more than I could ask! You are amazing, God! And I love you so much.

Count your blessings today, and thank Jesus! It really does make your heart happy! And the joy of the Lord is our strength. So keep being filled with joy, and you will have strength to do the impossible with God!

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I really like your attitude Anna.