Sunday, April 20, 2008

It doesn't take much to have a whole lot of FUN!!

Today after lunch I gathered up the girls for an afternoon of games!
We had 3-legged races, hot potato rounds, the Mozambican version of "Duck Duck Goose",throwing a ball into a bucket contests, running races, a game that involves coming up with a fruit that starts with the letter "...." and then "Miss Rosa" has to guess which fruit it is, wheel barrow races, and a few rounds of "The Human Knot"...
It sure doesn't take much to have fun. I was thinking how much it means to the girls, just spending time with them! Just simple things make a world of difference.

Hope you are also having a fun Sunday!!

P.s. I have no idea why all the text here is underlined, seeing as I don't have an option to underline the text on my control panel. That's weird!

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