Sunday, February 24, 2008

Women's Conference in Xai-Xai #3

About 300 Mozambican ladies gathered for the 2008 Women's Conference in Xai-Xai. God used this to transform the lives of many women. They came with their babies and their open hearts, and God did a work in them for eternity! There were several speakers, sharing testimonies and stories of women in the bible and more. The women were encouraged to be Godly wives, mothers, and to live for Jesus first. To be a lover of God first. To be intercessors for their unsaved husbands. We had alter calls for women who wanted to be set free from the bondage of guilt and shame, for those that wanted emotional healing from Abuse, for those needing physical healing, for those wanting to give up witch craft! It was sooo awesome to watch these women being touched and changed forever by our amazing heavenly Father who loves them so much!
They gathered 3 times a day for meals (bread for breakfast, rice with pieces of beef for lunch and dinner). 
Our last session was Sunday morning. After gathering once more for lunch, the trucks started taking the ladies home. We were the last to go. We left around 4:00, and 5 minutes later the brakes went on the flat bed truck, and we plowed right into the back of a semi flat bed! I had JUST said "Lord, thank you for your angels protecting us." And they were! 25 of us in the truck, and noone seriously injured! Only the 2 sitting up front with the driver had leg pain afterwards, but are ok now. What a miracle, God really kept us safe.
The flat bed truck after the accident. 
We then waited 3 hours for one of our drivers from our center to come with our ministry's bus to pick us up. We piled into the bus and the ladies started singing...and didn't stop till we got home! At one point they had quieted down, then the police pulled us over (normal here, they have police checks and they check anyone they feel like). At that point the ladies started up their singing again very loudly. The police did not like that at all, and took our driver's license away. They said we had to stay there until 5 in the morning for punishment! Then one of our Pastor's who had been helping with the conference, and was driving the other flat bed truck (also full of women) caught up to us. He went inside to the police station and pleaded for the license to be given back. The police said only if one of the ladies singing came in to apologise. 45 minutes after being stopped we were on the road again...!
I cannot tell you how good it felt when I finally collapsed into my own bed at 1 a.m.. I slept so well that night!

Thank you for your continued prayers. God is so faithful! It was awesome to see his hand of protection and love over the whole weekend. I can't wait for the next women's conference!


intense_fragility said...

wow! Thank God that you all are ok after the accident... and that you didn't have to stay until 5! that's quite an adventure though... (and i love the pictures)

Sarah said...

You sure have some crazy adventures, Anna! I'm glad you were all OK after the accident and the police stop!