Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thank you for your prayers!

Thank you for your prayers for me/us this week. 
At the moment the gas stations have closed down because they ran out of gas, and the gas trucks won't bring more in if people are still setting fires.

But most of the commotion and rioting has quieted down, after the government decided not to raise the shoppa prices for now. They are discussing what to do.

These pictures were taken right outside our front gate. The shoppas stop there to pick up passengers, so the rioters protested at all the major shoppa stops.

God really placed a blanket of peace over our center. The kids continued playing and being themselves, when normally this would shake them up and put them totally out of rest! But God is in control, and your prayers were felt! That day (Tuesday) the people were saying no one should be working, everyone needed to be protesting. So anyone working was in danger. They vandalized little shops and gas stations. Some men were saying, "Let's go attack the center! The workers are still working and not striking with us!" Some lady heard this and spoke up, "You can't go in there. They take care of orphans there!" So the men listened and left! Isn't God amazing?!

He did many other miracles, including using Katie, a missionary in the city, to provide transport for many pedestrians. Picking up people from school and taking them to their homes, and even picking up a lady in labor and taking her to the hospital. She also found diesel for our generator (that was running very low on diesel, and the power lines had been cut so we had no other electricity), at midnight. He showed her favor with a police escort the whole way to our center, and at 1 a.m. we unloaded 125 litres of diesel from her truck! To God be the glory! During her day people tried throwing stones at her car, but kept missing. And in the evening after spending the entire day driving around, her gas tank was still on full! With God nothing shall be impossible. 

Thank you for your awesome prayers. God hears and acts on the prayers of his children. We have had the privilege of seeing Him do mighty works here in Mozambique.

May the Lord bless you with the revelation of His power and love. 
Love in Jesus,
Anna Coumos

UPDATE ON TINO: Thank you for asking about Tino and continuing praying for him. He was here for a week being cared for by our medical staff and Tracey's dorm staff. Thursday he was readmitted into the hospital and is in intensive care. He had a high fever and hadn't wet or soiled his diaper for 24 hours. The doctors say he is detiriating rapidly. But we serve the living God and nothing is impossible with him! I dreamed last night that Tracey called this morning to tell me that Tino woke up today and was better! This morning that was not the diagnosis, but it gave me the expectations to keep on praying. I am reading a book on intercessory prayer, and it has also encouraged me to keep interceding for Tino's life. I will update you as I hear more. God is able to do abundantly more than we could ask or imagine!


Fiona - Bute SAust said...

Thanks for the update on Tino. We will continue to pray for this precious little child and believe with you for God's healing love to be poured out upon him!!

New Mom said...

Thank God you all are safe! I am going to keep praying for Tino's healing.

intense_fragility said...

thanks for your post. it's wonderful to hear about how God is keeping you all safe during this time. thanks for the update on Tino as well... i'm still praying... love you guys -sadie

"For the rest of the day, whenever he looked at the things about him, and saw how ordinary and unmagical they were, he hardly dared to hope;
but when he remembered the face of Aslan he did hope."
-The Magicians Nephew, C.S. Lewis