Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on Tino

Thank you for praying for Tino! For those asking, he is still the same. Feverish, diarrhea, weak. He has also lost his sight.  He is still in the hospital (almost a week now). I went to visit him last Wednesday. He could not sit up on his own, but was leaning on my shoulder, and then he was making Indian sounds while patting his mouth with his hand. It was good to see he is still his playful self. But just so weak!
Doctors have yet to find what is wrong, but here everything seems to take sooo long. They did a cat scan last Thursday, but then the doctor wouldn't be back to read it until today (Monday). It's so annoying.

Please continue lifting him up! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Richest blessings on your week.
In Jesus,


New Mom said...

Is lost his sight, as in, forever blind? Oh my, we'll have to pray harder. I have heard about the healthcare in Mozambique from another missionary, according to him, it left much to be desired.

New Mom said...

Hope you don't mind that I posted this request on my blog. I was sure you would want as many people as possible praying. I am glad that he is at least in the hospital.

New Mom said...

I mean getting care in a hospital.

New Mom said...
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annacoumos said...

Thank you New Mom, for praying! Yesterday the report was not looking good, though they will have a more accurate diagnosis today when the second spinal tap results come back. Without a miracle (which God is VERY CAPABLE of doing!), he is in the last weeks of life. I was up in the night interceding for him. Please keep speaking God's life and healing over him!
Bless you.