Thursday, January 10, 2008

A tour around the Center

Thought I would let you have a look at some things going on around here every day:-) Enjoy!
(This is where I live in Zimpeto, Mozambique, Africa, at an Iris Ministries Children's Center)

Photos 1 and 2:  The wonderful kitchen staff who cook lunch and supper for 450 people every day! They are lovely and busy!                                                                                                                    

Photo 3: Our licensed clinic is open every day from 8-5. The kids are well looked after by our nurses, and we have 2 doctors that come in 3 days a week. Along with treating our own kids, we have Community day every Wednesday for people from the community to be treated for free. They come from far and wide, and often arrive in the wee hours of the morning to wait at the gate to be sure to get a place in line. We also have a milk clinic on Thursday afternoons for mothers that are unable to produce sufficient milk for their baby/babies. Many sets of twins and triplets are on the list. They come every other week to receive supplemental formula, and be examined by the doctor!

Photo 4: The Maintenance and Construction staff are busy from morning to evening building shelves, fixing toilets and lights, constructing new bathrooms and houses, doing the never ending repairs around here! They are amazing!

That's just a little peek for you...:-) Makes you want to come and visit doesn't it?!! 



New Mom said...

Yes it does make me want to come and visit! I have always wanted to see Africa. I think the people are so beautiful. One day, I want to adopt a little African boy or girl or maybe both!

Africa01 said...

Anna, oh my gosh, just looking at these pictures makes me pray day in and day out that someday I can come over to Africa and do what your doing. I want to come over so bad, but I have to wait until I am older. Please send smiles, and hugs and kisses to all the people that you come in contact with for me! Hope