Thursday, January 17, 2008


Wow! Is that ALL for ME?!! 
Yes, it is:-) (a few letters and bracelets for some of the girls, as well, but that's ok)
Missionary friends were in South Africa and picked up my mail. When they brought it to the Monday night business meeting I got lots of comments on all the mail I receive! I was so surprised and excited! Lots of letters from my mom (I savor them slowly, read a couple a day with a cup of tea...or how about the apple cider mix my sister sent me?!), lots of Christmas cards-from relatives and friends, a box from my parents which included stove top stuffing mix, and my FAVORITE maple creams, and dried berries, and a puzzle. A package with a great teaching cd by a pastor--I've already listened to it! And some pictures drawn by my brother Sam (8) and sister Andrea (10). A package from my brother and sister-in-law with rug yarn for crocheting, candles that smell really, REALLY good, fruit teas and blue berry tea, and lots of wedding pictures (how did you send so many, Bethany?! they are beautiful:-), cards from the children's church from COB (so precious).
What a wonderful Christmas gift (a couple weeks later) to get all this mail! What a wonderful evening of unpacking and reading letters and not able to wipe the smile off my face. What a special surprise! I feel sooo incredibly blessed. It's nice to be a missionary and get packages and letters from home!

By the was 112f degrees today! It is almost 100 degrees cooler for my family in Ohio. It's so hard to imagine that.

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My name is Dianna said...

our family with the help of friends, family, neighbors and etc. are sending your friend laura a care package for her boys...i was wondering if your girls have any needs or desires? the Lord has really put the desire in my heart to do this so if you'd like to email me with a list please do so am hoping to get somethings out by the end of Feb. Lord bless you,