Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teatime Treats

Before coming to Mozambique, my little siblings and I started a tradition of having a Valentine's Day tea party. We invited some friends from church, and would all dress in red and pink, and make heart shaped scones, and salad, and of course yummy desserts. One of those is from the wonderful "American Girls Party Book". It was part of Samantha's tea party:

I wanted to make a special snack for the girl's for Valentine's Day, so we pulled out the party book, and made heart shaped 'jam tart cookies'.
First you mix together the ingredients (we made a double batch). Aidinha will show you how:

Roll the dough into little balls, and press your thumb in the cookies twice to make a V shape (heart shapes). Fill the hearts with strawberry jam.
I love how the girls were sooo very careful with this part:

Bake them in the oven, arrange them pretty on a tray, and serve them to your friends! (in our case, the 47 other girls in their dorm)

Serina and Aidinha did a fabulous job. They really did the whole thing themselves, all I did was tell them what to do, and make an example. After dinner they passed the cookies out to each of the girls.

As we baked Serina was saying how she made a cake with her mom once (her mother died). She said, "I learned from my mom how to make cake. Now I learn from Mana Anna how to make cookies!" It is a privilege to mother the girls whose mothers have died. To carry on that role in their lives. I know her mama would be proud of her!

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