Monday, February 09, 2009

Mail for Me!! Yippee!!

I am a very lucky girl, I am. A friend came back from a trip to South Africa the other day, and had brought back my mail. LOTS of mail. Lots of very good mail. My brother and sister-in-law sent me a package for Christmas!! Woo hoo!!

Here I am with the picture they sent me, Bethany and Gregory! 
(I miss you guys)

Oh how fun, everything was wrapped. I got to unwrap each gift, it was Christmas all over for me!:-)

I got 2 boxes of candy canes (it's been like 3 years since I have had candy canes I think), some rug yarn for crocheting dish cloths (something I love to do), pretty note cards with fancy envelopes, really pretty silver earings, and a silver cross necklace with foot prints on the front, and the back says in tiny letters "It was then that I carried you". The card attached has the poem about foot prints in the sand. And last, and definitely not least, peppermint crunch bark! Oh my goodness, savor every moment of the flavor of Christmas on my tongue... YUM YUM YUM!
Thanks so much Greg and Bethany for sending me this package!

Also in the mail I received 12 letters from my mom, and an envelope full of letters from my dear friend Jessica! 
I am so loved...

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Bethany Coumos said...

I'm so glad you finally got your gift!! I didn't know you liked peppermint crunch so well. That's great! You're welcome!! Enjoy everything!! Love you, Bethany