Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~My 3 Little Brothers~

Sammy, the little Foot Ball player! He loves to play catch. He loves to put on his foot ball gear (including the knee pads and chin guard he just bought with his own money) and play that he is a foot ball player. When there is no one to play catch with, he just tackles himself on the trampoline and pretends to be in the big leagues! 

Seth loves to hunt and fish. He also loves to fix cars. He got his first deer of the season his first day out hunting this year! It was with his new bow, and he shot a nice buck. We were able to restock the freezer with like 35 pounds of meat. He boiled the skull to make a nice mount. 

Joel went hunting with dad, and shot a squirrel! I made him pose for so many pictures that the poor guy got hungry and took a bite...   

   So these are my three dear little brothers. They all love to tease, and love to make people laugh:-) And they are all a blessing to our family.

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