Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's cookin'??

Mmm...dinner! Hope your hungry!


Deacon Pat said...

I enjoy your blog very much

New Mom said...

EWWWW! I can't beleive you posted that disgusting sight on your pretty blog. At first I thought those were rabbits, then I saw the feet. I think I may become a vegetarian after this ;P

dad said...

Hi Anna! Yes, those were tastey chickens. The girls and dorm mother's made a yummy supper for all of us in honor of myself and Cara being there visiting Anna. Chicken, rice with a peanut topping. They worked so hard and were worried that we might not like it. It was delicious!! And we had FORKS!! The girls were so thrilled when we had seconds.
What a wonderful evening we had in the girls dorm area.
Love ya, Dad