Friday, June 20, 2008

::And God is our answer::

"It is important to remember that for every person,
there is a problem. Even more importantly,
for every problem our God has a prescription!"
--Woman, thou are loosed!

Sometimes things seem to be caving in all around. Sometimes I wonder if anything more could possibly go wrong? Sometimes I have trouble quieting down my mind to listen to God, and just rest in Him. To live out of a place of rest, instead of being distracted by all that is happening around me. But I have learned, and must constantly remind myself, God is the answer. And if He is the answer, I would do well to leave the middle of the problems, and come to Him.

Many people this week have been hit by cars and died, here in Maputo. 
Filipe (who lives here at the center), his brother was hit by a car up North and died. That was His only family member he has contact with.
A little girl was violated. 
Another girl who is in a wheel chair has come down with a very large and horrible bed sore. She has also lost allot of weight and has a bad chest infection that won't clear up. She is having her wound cleaned twice daily, and I have made her some nutritious pureed meals to help her regain the weight she has lost, and to fight the infections.
An elderly man we look after in the community, who is bed ridden, kicked his son out of the house. I was called upon to 'resolve the situation'. I don't know what I said, but apparently it worked because he has let his son move back in.
15 little girls had no undies this morning because it didn't dry yesterday from the rain. I didn't find out until this afternoon, and I quickly passed out new undies to all the girls!
A couple of the girls have been telling allot of lies to get things they want, and being very manipulative. 
I cut 3 of the girls hair today, because they have nasty infections on their scalp that needs treated. 
These are some of the things that happen in a week here. And for all of these things, I know that God is the answer. And when I bring these needs to Him, He will resolve them. I don't need to get stressed out, worked up, or drained from all these situations. I have to remind myself to bring them to Jesus. 
"Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit, unless you remain in me...apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:4,5

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New Mom said...

Anna, I hear about these situations and I am amazed at how mature you are. If I was confronted with these problems, I'd probably go into a depression. It really makes my own worries seem so insignificant. It's good to look outside of yourself everyonce in a while and get a broader perspective of the things many other people face. I pray that God will strengthen you and the children.