Monday, June 16, 2008

Rewarded for their labor...:o)

Yesterday after church I walked into one of the girl's rooms, to see a mattress on the floor, blankets tossed here and there, clean and dirty clothes spilling out of their clothing boxes,
toys, etc. strewn everywhere. Oh dear! How do I drag those girls from their play to come clean this up, without arguing and whining. Ah, yes! "Everyone who cleans their rooms before shower time will get a snack of peanut butter on crackers. Those who don't help clean don't get snack."
Suddenly there were cheers and 48 girls ran (ok, 46--2 of the girls did not get a reward) to their rooms cleaning, organizing, sweeping, making beds. Wow! They waited in their rooms, beaming and a bit nervous, as Mana Anna came in to inspect. Yes, 46 girls did a very good job cleaning their rooms. And they all got to eat a healthy snack of peanut butter sandwiched between 2 crackers.
That was easy.


Sarah said...

Cute! If only it was that easy to get Matt to help me clean... :-)


New Mom said...

Bribery-- I like it! Just kidding, I like to refer to it as earning a reward.