Monday, September 24, 2007

Still down...Whales...and Life in Mozambique!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know I AM alive and doing wonderful!
My computer is also still alive, but in South Africa being fixed.

I will update you when I can get it back!

But lots of good things happening here. Yesterday a girl who went to live with
her uncle came to visit. I was really worried because I hadn't seen her for so long
and nobody knew where she was. She has moved back in with another uncle and is
now about 30 minutes from the center. It was so good to see her looking healthy
and well!

Last week I went to the beach and as I was walking along the sand by the water, I heard
some shouting and comotion. I looked out to see a HUGE hump back whale rise up out
of the water, headed straight towards 2 fishermen in their boat!
They were paddling for their lives, then the whale turned and swam to the right of them.
The whale was up out of the water for more than 10 minutes. He almost got stuck on the sand and was tossing around trying to get off the bank. Then he dissappeared back into the great deep. It was incredible! I had been praising God for how amazing the oceans are and His works are wonderful. Then it was this silly moment like God saying "You think that's something, wait till you see what else I have made!" Then the whale came splashing up out of the water. It trully took my breath away. And to think that their are thousands down in the water! It was such a gift from God to see such beauty He has created. Sometimes I think the life down under the ocean is just for God to enjoy, and give us glimpses of every now and then when He wants to surprise us.

LIfe in Mozambique is far from life in America. Trucks driving down the road with the bed packed with people, standing because there would not be enough room for them to sit. Sandy roads that even 4-wheel drive trucks start getting stuck on. BEAUTIFUL sun sets every night, and then an amazing display of stars in the can see like layers of stars where some are higher and some are lower. Lizzards, cock roaches, NO MICE!!:-) I love Africa. I love the children and the sweet Mamas and the love God has for all of them is sooo rich!

Blessings to you all!
In Christ,

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