Friday, July 20, 2007

Wedding Prep...

Last night we had the rehearsal and dinner. Practiced it through one time. (I think we needed
3 more run through's, but it will all be ok tomorrow). We served pizza, subs, salad and watermelon for dinner. Had a Make Your Own ice cream sundae table set up for dessert. I walked around with my darling nephew who is 5 months old till he feel asleep draped across
my arm. He was drooling down my arm and it was landing on my

Bethany grew all the topiary's and flowers she is decorating with at the green house where she

It's exciting to have a brother get married, especially when it's to my friend!

Today we decorate the reception hall.

Tomorrow is the big day...!


Sarah said...

It was a beautiful ceremony and reception! You looked lovely (of course) and so did Bethany! Yay, you have a sister-in-law! :-)

benjamincapps said...

its nice to find people on the blogging world. thanks for the comment. hope all is well.

Louise said...

Anna, I saw a few pictures over at Bonnie's blog, and you all look wonderful! :D It was great being able to see your whole family, even if it was just a picture... any time you want to post some more pictures, I'll be here to look at them. ;) (I'm missing you and Rahel again!) Much love!