Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007 *A New Year!!* 2007

Happy Year 2007!!

In December I spent a week in Botswana with my dear friends from church, Jake and Khanya. They were visiting Khanya's family, and having a wedding for her sister. It was so fun being a part of the family and spending time with the relatives! The wedding was beautiful. Such a nice break, to be away from work, and with my wonderful friends.

Paulo is doing wonderful. It has been a privilege to pour into his life and give Him God's love. The tias (dorm mothers) love looking after Paulo, and have worked and persevered with him in many ways. He is now sitting up on his own, and picking things up with his hands. The girls are always playing with him, trying to get him to laugh.

In my last blog I posted a picture of these 2 darling miracles when they had first arrived. Here they are, doing so much better! Sina is now over 4 kilos, and doing fantastic. She loves to smile and coo, and her health is perfect.

Mateus is off his feeding tube, and eating just fine. He is health, crawls around and tries to stand on his own. He will be walking soon! He has such a sweet nature, always smiling and loves people. Thank you for your prayers for these 2!

We had a joyful Christmas, and a rainy new year's eve (which was welcome after weeks of hot, dry 100 + degree weather).

My Hopes for the new year are:

1. Start a program to train the girls in skills they can use when they leave the center to be able to make a living (sewing, crocheting, cooking, etc.).

2. Taking more time with each child God places in front of me. Never rushing them off, or being impatient (Lord, give me grace!), but just giving them all the time in the world and making each person I meet feel special and loved. That I might be the fragrance of Christ to them!

3. Get to know the Lord better. I have all eternity, and it starts now. I want to know Him and to learn to abide in Him. I want to learn to just BE in Him. Not work for something. I surely don't deserve and can do nothing to deserve Him. But as being His daughter is an honor and privilege, I don't want to take that lightly. I want all that God has intended for me. I want to live for Him with passion and excitement and joy. I want to know Him fully, even as I am fully known.

It will take commitment, but I am ready to start this year out, and see where God takes me this year. I am learning so much day by day.

I will be coming home mid June, and probably coming back to Mozambique in August. My brother Greg is getting married to my friend Bethany In July, and I look forward to being a part of the wedding. They are so perfect for each other! It's been so neat watching God bring them together.

I pray you each have a wonderful year 2007, and God gives you the desires of your heart, and fulfills your dreams.

Be blessed! Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement. I am truly blessed.

Love in Jesus,


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Mozambique Journal said...

Hi Anna Great news about the kids.
I LOVE you sweetum's!