Thursday, November 09, 2006

Father, I thank you for life!

Please pray for LIFE!
God really is GOOD! He is perfect, and His grace is sufficient and His love is abounding (without boundaries!).He is just and Holy. He is faithful...
Hello friends!!! How are you doing??I am doing well. I slept in till 8:30 this morning. I didn't get much sleep the night before because I had Sina for the night(our DARLING little girl that came to us at 1 month old weighing 1.7 kilos--just under 4 pounds! She is now 9 weeks old and weighs 2.7 kilos and is just thriving! She is so perfect and amazing). we have to do feeds every 3 hours, and at night every 4 hours. It was a joy to have her though. I just prayed over her and thanked God for the miracle of her life. While rejoicing in God's goodness for Sina, we are also warfaring and believing God's victory for Matteus (Matthew).The police brought us this little boy, about 1 1/2 or 2 yrs., last Friday afternoon. They found him abandoned. He is VERY malnourished, and he has a sickness due to malnutrition that is so very dangerous, the dr. said really kids with this could drop dead at any moment. His legs are quite swollen, and we are tube feeding him. He is such a treasure! His eyes are the sweetest eyes I have EVER seen in my life! He is the saddest baby I have ever seen. Often the weak kids brought here are fighters, and that is how they survive. Our precious Matteus is so sad I just want to cry for him. We named him Matteus (or Matthew) because it means God's gift. He IS a gift. And we are thanking God that while he was out there abandoned on the streets, GOD still saw him and cared for him and didn't leave him there, but brought him here. God is so faithful and GOOD! I just ask you to please take some time and just lift up Matteus to Jesus! Thank God for His life, and pray for QUICK AND AMAZING healing! That his life would bring glory to our Father, and He would be a testimony to the world of our faithful God.Thank you! Love,Anna

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