Saturday, May 02, 2009

~From Mozambique to Ohio~

A week ago today I was learning this new style of braiding hair...

Aminosa took a nap while I spent 2 hours braiding and twisting her hair into this...
Just wanted to post those pictures:-)

Sunday in church they prayed for me, sending me off to Ohio with blessings, and a capalana (Mozambican wrap skirt...very useful for many things, from carrying babies on your back, carrying something on your head, or wrapping around your waist as a skirt. It is a good bye gift as a way to bless someone).
My last church service in Mozambique!

On Wednesday morning after saying some bitter sweet good-byes to all of the girls, tias, and Mozambican friends, then to the missionaries, I left Mozambique and began the journey to America...
On Thursday I arrived home, tired after 27 hours or so of travel (and only about 2 hours of sleep!), and happy to see my family waiting for me at the airport!
We made our traditional trip to Starbucks:-) Then my other brothers and sisters and my grandparents came over in the afternoon! I gave them gifts I brought home, and dad made hamburgers on the grill. My niece and nephew are getting so big, and my newest niece is such a cute, chubby baby!! I am so happy to finally meet her.

I miss the girl's so much, and all of my family in Africa. 
But I am so glad to be home now, with my family here. 

There is a plaque on our kitchen wall that my cousin made that says:
~Family - the greatest gift you will ever receive from God~

I will have to agree. And now, for however long or short this time will be, I get to be with mine! 

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement you have sent my way.
God bless you all abundantly!

And may our adventures with God continue...!

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