Thursday, July 03, 2008

A trip to the zoo!!

Checking out the monkeys

            15 little girls visiting the zoo!

               Ooh, that crocodile is close! Don't stick your fingers in the cage, girls!

Snack time

On Tuesday afternoon me, Tia Inez, and our newest missionary, Rachel (she is my age!) loaded up 15 little girls in the flat bed truck, and drove to the zoo. Yes, Maputo has a zoo. A very run down zoo, that had exactly 4 different types of animals. A hippo that would hang its head over the fence for people to pet him (stand back girls, if you value your hands), lots of crocodiles, some monkeys, and a little snake. And an animal graveyard, where the lion went years ago. The big snake, and the gorilla that did tricks were moved to South Africa, so they were not there. And there were many, many empty cages, that once held all sorts of fun animals! 
I think it was worth every bit of the one metical (that is about 4 cents) it cost per person!:o)
The girls had such a great afternoon, seeing the animals, eating tangerines and peanut butter on crackers, playing on the broken down play ground (well, the slide and monkey bars were still standing. The swings and everything else was falling down). They talked all about the trip on the way home, and some slept from their exciting and exhausting afternoon at the zoo! 


New Mom said...

How sweet they are! It's so wonderful to hear about kids that are grateful for the little things.

Megan said...

Aw, Anna. That is so sweet! I think I could learn a lesson or two from your girls!