Saturday, February 03, 2007

Water Fight!!

It was 110 degree F this day...
Filled up 200 water balloons...
Chased one of the dorm mother's all across the play ground and through another dorm,
and back to the girls dorm where she locked herself in a room for 45 minutes. When she finally
came out we had 3 big water balloons to "get her" with, and lots of buckets and cups of water to dump on her:-)
It was so refreshing playing with water, that Olga was caught in the bathroom having her own water cooler!
Oh those hot days of Summer...

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Sarah said...

Wow. 110 degrees, huh? I'd be happy if it got as "warm" as 20 degrees! Today it was a high of like 15, with bitter cold wind and blowing snow. Ewwww!

Glad you and the girls had fun.

Take care,
Your cousin Sarah (and Matt says hi too)