Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dentistry in Africa!!

(That's me on the right of the patient)
June 25th, 2006
We have a dental team from New Zealand here right now! They came with 2 dentists and lots of helpers. I am a dental assistant, so I am so thrilled that I can help out! This past week we treated all the children here that needed work, as well as the Mozambican workers, and all the pastors from the bible school. We set up a dental office in the clinic here on the center. We have been doing fillings, extractions, and even two root canals!!
We went down to the school buildings on the center early every morning to scan each class, and then those that needed work would go up to the clinic with us, and wait in a separate room watching movies. I have been assisting one of the dentists all week, translating, and caring for each patient. I love it!
We had two hospital beds available in the clinic. Neither of them go up or down (I'm told they did once work). The first 3 days our only chair side light was a little flash light I got to hold. Then two team members rigged up a very funny looking light fixture that stood between the two beds. They took a metal coat rack and tied a 2x4 board to the top, that hung over each bed. Then they used lots of duct tape to attatch two desk lamps. It worked out okay, but we still needed the flash lights for a better view.
This week we will be heading out to do even more primitive dentistry (as if it weren't primitive enough here!). Monday and Tuesday we are going to a smaller Iris orphanage to treat their kids. Wednesday we will be going to the community. We have to bring our own mattresses for the patients to lie down on, and jugs of water for our drill and for the sterilization. I am in charge, as the girl who was going to be leading these outreaches is going to Canada with her husband for a month. Please pray for me!
God is doing a healing work through this dental team. Many people have come to us for extractions or fillings, and the next day they show up smiling to say thank you. We've been giving out red, heart-shaped balloons to all the kids, telling them, "Jesus loves you!"
I am overwhelmed by God's amazing love. He is so worthy to be praised!
Blessings to each of you. Thank you for praying for me. I feel it!
Love in Jesus,


Mozambique Journal said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the sweet comments you leave me:-) I love reading them!

Mozambique Journal said...

This is really manapolly. Great article, Anna! You look dressed exactly the same as when you worked for Dr. Jackman!

Coumos Family said...

Hi Anna! We are trying to see if we can post on your blogsite without creating a site of our own.

Jae said...

We are enjoying your blog. We love hearing what is happening there. You have a wonderful talent for discribing all that is going on.

We are keeping you in our prayers. I think it is awesome how God saw that you were trained as a dental assistant for just such a time as this!

Aunt Jae

Jae said...
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Tiffany said...

I see you! I absolutly love the picture that you put in! Amazing! God is amazing! Can you believe that you are ALREADY using the skills you learned with Dr. Jackman?!?! God totally set you up for such a time as this! I could scream with joy and shout with laughter for you!!

Jane Coumos said...

Hello, Anna!

We are so proud of you and thrilled that you can use your gifts & talents for the Lord in Mozambique! You are a real blessing to those people whose mouths you touch! May God bless and prosper all the work of your hands, and may lives be changed by the Lord forever because of your presence there. We're praying for you! We'll be thinking about you (and missing you!) at Seth's graduation party on Sunday. Prayers & lots of love,
Aunt Jane Coumos XO

jess said...

thanks for the update! i'm so happy you get to be a dental assistent on the mission field! praying for you!