Friday, October 01, 2004

Update #5 (I think)

Anna Coumos, serving Jesus with Iris Ministries in Mozambique, Africa!

I am loving it here more than ever! God’s been doing so much. I will try and fill you in on everything.

-God’s Protection-
Last week one of our drivers was taking out $11,000 at the bank. He got in his car and drove somewhere else, and when he got out of his car some guy came up and took the money from him! Vesco (the driver) tried taking it back and the thief shot at him and ran. The bullet went through his shirt and missed his shoulder! God was so looking out for him. This was Vesco’s THIRD time to be shot at. The first time it went through his pants and missed his leg, the second time it missed him completely, and now this. What a big God we serve! The money has not been returned, but it was GOD’S money and we are just praying He would return it 7 times to the ministry!
I continue to teach preschool 5 days a week. I love it. The 3 year olds are really coming along and learning quickly. Today they got to play with dry rice, and glued foam shapes and other small items to paper.My 4 year olds are learning to write their names (s-l-o-w-l-y but surely!). They are so fun. Right now I am doing the 5 senses with the older kids. I am so excited for Smelling, Tasting, and Touching. For touching I am going to make up touching trays. They will get to play with sand, dry rice, dry noodles, shampoo sealed tightly in zip lock bags, play dough, water…they’re going to love it! And I bought these fruit flavored har candies that fiz on your tongue for that day.
Felismina continues to grow and learn. She now talks a little bit on her own (instead of just copying me). I am working “therapy” into preschool which is so good for her. Just stuff like digging in a bowl of dry rice,and working on her fine motor skills. I’m also continuing to work on her legs, trying to help her walk.Continue praying for our dear girl.
-Chicken feet!-
The other day I got a bowl of rice and topping from the kitchen. I saw a piece of meat sticking out and said,“Oh, there’s meat on here! I wonder if it’s fish or chicken?!” So I scooped it out with a fork. It was chicken alright! The chicken’s FOOT to be exact. Claws and all. It was so disgusting. Talk about losing your appetite. I was very tempted to use it’s claws for a tooth pick. Or a back scratcher. Heehee. I gave it to one of the Mozambiquan girls, and she just stuffed it in her mouth and asked in shock, “You don’t like chicken?!” LOL
Today I was informed by a short termer here who is a doctor that my malaria here is resistant to the medication I am on! She is trying to get me different meds right now. She told me that after I just got over my SECOND bout with malaria! This time was more like a bad head cold and I had no voice. I found out the night before I went to South Africa, so I was able to rest up in South Africa and came back feeling great! Just in time, too, because…
-God’s got more in store-
I get to stay till January! The night before I went to South Africa I had a meeting with Steve and Ros Lazar (the couple that run this orphanage), and shared with them that I want to stay till January and possibly come back. They asked me lots of questions, and in the end they said, “We don’t usually let girls your age stay long term because we haven’t had a good experience with it. But instead of just telling you no, I think it would be best for you to pray and write us a letter stating why you feel God wants you to stay longer.”I went to my room that night and was up until 2 a.m. praying and writing the letter. I really felt God wanted me to stay longer simply because he is not done teaching me here!

To be honest, staying longer seemed very doubtful. But they day I arrived back from SA I learned I COULD stay longer! They prayed about it and really felt it WAS God’s will for me to stay. Yes!!I can’t tell you how happy I am. They have given me many more responsibilities, which I am just getting into.

I have started working in the clothing room where all donations come through. I will be doing that myself when Bonnie and Anton go home to South Africa for a month. I am doing hospitality e-mails, and working with the new short termers that come through. I will be working 1 or 2 afternoons a week in the girls dorm, and taking on a room of younger girls to do special things with like games, and sorting their clothes and spending time with them. And I will continue my 5 days of preschool, and doing the baby house a few nights a week.

It’s allot, but God is teaching me to prioritize, and to stay sane. I have learned so much about God since coming here. Every time we pass these tests, He trusts us with more. He’s an amazing God!

I’m almost finished reading “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. We have been reading it and discussing it at the long term home group on Wednesday nights. I encourage you all to get your hands on that book. It’s so good! God’s taught me so much through this book, about serving and friend ships and working together with our brothers and sisters in Christ… Every Christian should read this book! It’s been so good to read it in a group so we are all growing at this same pace and encouraging each other.

With that, I think I will close. It’s late and I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is church, and I am cooking all afternoon with Hannah (long termer) for a meal we are making for the long termers to conclude our study on “The Purpose Driven Life”.Thank you so much for your prayers. I feel them! Life here is amazing, and I love every moment of it. Even the times when I am feeling so weak, because in our weakness HE is strong. I feel that so much here. May God bless and encourage you every day as you press on in Him.

Love in Jesus,

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